Transfer to SIM

Am I or aren’t I? That my dear friends IS indeed the question. Is The Girl officially accepted to SIM? Or am I only conditionally accepted? OR am I totally rejected (Ok no. That is not an option!)

I know many of you have found my current situation a little confusing and have been asking the following questions…

Is she part of AIM or SIM? Where should I be sending my money? Am I supposed to continue? Will my support be lost if I accidentally send it to the wrong mission? Why isn’t she communicating better?!? I don’t like being so befuddled!

I have tried to communicate what I know when I am alerted to changes myself. However, I know from talking to many of you that hasn’t been enough. Today we found out that I am now officially on The Boy’s account statement for SIM as his WIFE! Therefore we have emailed to ask whether all of my faithful supporters through AIM should go ahead and transfer.

When I know the answer…you will know the answer! Promise.

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