All dressed in white

“I now pronounce you husband and wife!” my teary eyed uncle proclaimed after a passionate prayer of blessing and thanksgiving.

With this ring…

“Uncle…what about the rings?” I queried.

“What? Oh…right…the rings.”

“Presenting to you for the first time in public…”

“What about our kiss…” He whispers.

“Well, you’d better just kiss me then!” I whisper back and with a quick peck (which apparently didn’t live up to his brother’s expectations) our lives together began!

Our wedding celebration was definitely unique and not just because of forgotten rings and kisses or the decidedly African flair. In a world where many people think “it’s all about me,” we wanted our wedding to be all about GOD. In case you missed it in person or on online the one thing that we wanted people to take away from it was WORSHIP.

Worship for our creator, the One who gave us life and the One we have pledged our lives and marriage to.

We want to glorify GOD, in everything we do. Our wedding was the perfect start as we joined our lives together with the purpose of serving Him. We are so grateful to all of those who helped make such a celebration possible!

Unity Cross & African Flair

From the beginning with the meditative music to our Unity Cross pledge to our final vows of commitment to each other, we truly believe the ceremony was a testimony of God’s goodness and blessing in our lives.

As my uncle charged us, we will remember to stop frequently for Dairy Queen while in the States! each time remembering the words that apply so well to that delicious ice cream and our marriage:

  1. Soft serve: use soft words like DQ soft serve ice cream
  2. Exclusive: just as there is a special secret recipe for DQ ice cream, our marriage is supposed to be uniquely ours and set apart for the Lord.
  3. Detour: going out of your way to find DQ is worth it, so is going out of our way to create a good marriage!

With this in mind we’ll head out on this adventure of life together with a strong foundation for our marriage and hopefully stomachs that aren’t too bloated by our many ice cream stops!

2 thoughts on “All dressed in white

  1. Your uncle wasnt the only teary eyed one! Thank you both so much for sharing the ceremony and your walk with God together. I am now serving in Thailand at Cornerstone Counseling Centre, Chiang Mai for a year. Lots of love and prayers

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