We’re going home! One day that is… to heaven… our permanent home.

Just recently we had the privilege of visiting friends and family at the SIM retirement home. I came away completely encouraged by the many wonderful stories of God’s faithfulness through harrowing adventures, love stories, evacuations and heartbreaking tragedies.

One thing that struck me most is the longing and desire for heaven. Not in a morbid I want to die type of way, but in a sweet let me go home to my Father and the saints that have gone on before kind of way.

Death was never mentioned without some form of rejoicing. Death means heaven. And heaven (for a Christian) means you are finally home. Home to be with Jesus. Chris Tomlin says it so well in his song, “I Will Rise”.

And I will rise when He calls my name
No more sorrow, no more pain
I will rise on eagles’ wings
Before my God fall on my knees and rise

Two of God’s faithful

This is not to say that those left behind don’t feel sadness or other hard emotions. Or that they no longer find fulfillment in their lives here on earth. Yet there was always this deep, underlying joy that comes with knowing one day, they too will rejoin their loved ones in heaven.

Not even a week before our visit, I had asked the Lord to give me a greater desire for heaven; a longing to be near Him. I wanted to develop a deeper sense that this world is not my home; that even while I take pleasure in being alive and glorifying His name here on earth, I was made for another place.

I assumed that He would direct me to Scriptures or songs. Instead He sent me to His people, the ones who have long been faithful; those who have “run the race” and long to be told face to face by their heavenly Father, “well done, my good and faithful servant”.

Do you know of someone who has been a “good and faithful servant”? Give them props in a message below…

OR do you find it hard to dream of heaven, why?

GP Junk

GPS…What a great little tool…that is…until it loses satellite reception, does’t have updated maps or the battery dies.

The Boy carries his everywhere. Truth be told, I’ve started relying on it a lot too, even in my home town.

But a few things will forever bug me…

  1. The keys are too small for anything but a finger nail. Too often I realize I hit the wrong letter at the beginning of a street name like Econolockhatchee and have to erase all the way back and start over.
  2. OR I enter an “a” in between the “lock” and the “hatch” because that’s how all of us locals pronounce it…wrongly I suppose the GPS would know this and find the road anyway. I mean its supposed to be a smart 21st century gadget, right?
  3. And then of course the “recalculating” in a robotic voice goes off constantly!

However, I am trying to learn so…

Once the address is finally entered correctly and the place found, I start up the car, blindly following the directions from the British lady.

(The Bible speaks on such things; “if the blind leads the blind, both will fall into a ditch.” ~Matthew 15:14)

I didn’t fall into a ditch or anything quite so dramatic but I did manage to get myself stuck at a train crossing and turned around in a city that I should be quite familiar with, all the while following the directions coming from the GPS’ richly accented voice. I never did find that post office on my way home either.

So much for the GPS’ helpfulness! I can just hear many of you saying “AMEN!” and see others shaking your heads in disbelief. While sometimes I’d love to throw it across the room and dismiss it as a useless object, I KNOW that people use them, love them and find them helpful. I should probably study the manual and I should definitely ask The Boy for tips and advice. I mean, I am sure he will absolutely LOVE showing me step by step what all the little buttons do!

Hmmm…seems a familiar pattern…I don’t understand it; throw it out. This verse doesn’t make sense; it must not be applicable today.

Without pouring over the Bible itself, in addition to asking the Author and those who are more learned for help, how can I expect to gain all I can from such a life changing Book? It requires more than a daily once over. So I can be thankful for the Biblical training classes SIM requires, even if I don’t prefer online learning!

Nevertheless I’m still not convinced the GPS is better than paper maps or directions from a friend!

Any good GPS or getting lost stories out there? Leave a comment below…


Its official!

I have already married into The Boy’s SIM dynasty but now I am formally approved on my own merits! There are pending Bible course requirements that I will have to meet before we can return to Africa. But I’m on top of those and have already knocked out lectures from my first class


Thank you again for your dedicated support and your patience in all the confusion. I will go inactive with AIM on July 1st of this year. At that point any financial support AIM receives on my behalf will be returned. However, all of you who wish to continue supporting us as a couple may GO AHEAD AND SWITCH OVER TO SIM.

You can find all the financial information you need by going HERE, to our financial page. If you would like to speak with us personally over any changes, please send us an email and we will contact you.

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Home Assignment?

What does this even mean?!?

Many of you have been wondering what on earth overseas workers do when they come home from the field. Are they simply on vacation? Do they get a secular job? Where do they stay? What is the point?

Hopefully I clear some of that up for you.

I PROMISE we are not simply on vacation. While we do take time off to spend with family and friends, we do not play the entire time we are in our home countries! We do continue to need support and receive our salary from the mission.

There are three major purposes (or jobs) that I see within home assignment (HA):

  1. Renew
  2. Reconnect
  3. Raise support

Speaking from experience, many times, we have been poured out again and again, spiritually. We serve in churches and disciple others over the weekend in addition to outreach during the week. It can be very difficult to designate time to be filled up again.

We need to be renewed.

Not only do we become spiritually drained, we become physically and emotionally drained. Living and working in an environment so different from our “normal” is hard! Many I’ve spoken with reach a point where they long for familiar things and of course to be surrounded by family.

Probably the MOST important reason to come home is to reconnect with friends, family, churches and supporters. We are accountable to YOU. Therefore it is essential that we keep involved in your lives and you in ours. And it happens to be a bonus that we LOVE what we do in getting to visit with our supporters!

And…yes…we do have to raise financial support while home. It is a big step of faith to rely on others for the finances to support a family. However since we (separately at first and now together) have stepped out God has provided each and every time.

In summary, HA gives us the privilege of sharing what God is doing in our part of the world. We get to catch up with friends while fellowshipping over delicious food and praising the Lord for His goodness. We get to help people see the importance of sharing God’s love, not only in Kenya, South Sudan and the United States but in ALL parts of the world to ALL people who need to know our great God.