Home Assignment?

What does this even mean?!?

Many of you have been wondering what on earth overseas workers do when they come home from the field. Are they simply on vacation? Do they get a secular job? Where do they stay? What is the point?

Hopefully I clear some of that up for you.

I PROMISE we are not simply on vacation. While we do take time off to spend with family and friends, we do not play the entire time we are in our home countries! We do continue to need support and receive our salary from the mission.

There are three major purposes (or jobs) that I see within home assignment (HA):

  1. Renew
  2. Reconnect
  3. Raise support

Speaking from experience, many times, we have been poured out again and again, spiritually. We serve in churches and disciple others over the weekend in addition to outreach during the week. It can be very difficult to designate time to be filled up again.

We need to be renewed.

Not only do we become spiritually drained, we become physically and emotionally drained. Living and working in an environment so different from our “normal” is hard! Many I’ve spoken with reach a point where they long for familiar things and of course to be surrounded by family.

Probably the MOST important reason to come home is to reconnect with friends, family, churches and supporters. We are accountable to YOU. Therefore it is essential that we keep involved in your lives and you in ours. And it happens to be a bonus that we LOVE what we do in getting to visit with our supporters!

And…yes…we do have to raise financial support while home. It is a big step of faith to rely on others for the finances to support a family. However since we (separately at first and now together) have stepped out God has provided each and every time.

In summary, HA gives us the privilege of sharing what God is doing in our part of the world. We get to catch up with friends while fellowshipping over delicious food and praising the Lord for His goodness. We get to help people see the importance of sharing God’s love, not only in Kenya, South Sudan and the United States but in ALL parts of the world to ALL people who need to know our great God.

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