Its official!

I have already married into The Boy’s SIM dynasty but now I am formally approved on my own merits! There are pending Bible course requirements that I will have to meet before we can return to Africa. But I’m on top of those and have already knocked out lectures from my first class


Thank you again for your dedicated support and your patience in all the confusion. I will go inactive with AIM on July 1st of this year. At that point any financial support AIM receives on my behalf will be returned. However, all of you who wish to continue supporting us as a couple may GO AHEAD AND SWITCH OVER TO SIM.

You can find all the financial information you need by going HERE, to our financial page. If you would like to speak with us personally over any changes, please send us an email and we will contact you.

  • By check: The check should be made out to Serving in Mission (SIM). Print out this DONOR RESPONSE CARD and mail it in with the check. The check and response card should be sent to:
    • SIM Donor Care
      P.O. Box 7900
      Charlotte, NC 28241
  • Online: Contributions can be made HERE Through
    • Type in account #065622 and hit FIND.
    • Choose the SUPPORT option and click GIVE.
    • Enter your chosen amount and select ADD. Then proceed to CHECKOUT.
    • There you will enter the remaining needed information.
    • OR fill out the AUTOMATED GIVING FORM and mail it to the address above.
    • Questions about online giving? Go HERE.
  • By phone: Contributions can be made by calling 1-800-521-6449.

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