GP Junk

GPS…What a great little tool…that is…until it loses satellite reception, does’t have updated maps or the battery dies.

The Boy carries his everywhere. Truth be told, I’ve started relying on it a lot too, even in my home town.

But a few things will forever bug me…

  1. The keys are too small for anything but a finger nail. Too often I realize I hit the wrong letter at the beginning of a street name like Econolockhatchee and have to erase all the way back and start over.
  2. OR I enter an “a” in between the “lock” and the “hatch” because that’s how all of us locals pronounce it…wrongly I suppose the GPS would know this and find the road anyway. I mean its supposed to be a smart 21st century gadget, right?
  3. And then of course the “recalculating” in a robotic voice goes off constantly!

However, I am trying to learn so…

Once the address is finally entered correctly and the place found, I start up the car, blindly following the directions from the British lady.

(The Bible speaks on such things; “if the blind leads the blind, both will fall into a ditch.” ~Matthew 15:14)

I didn’t fall into a ditch or anything quite so dramatic but I did manage to get myself stuck at a train crossing and turned around in a city that I should be quite familiar with, all the while following the directions coming from the GPS’ richly accented voice. I never did find that post office on my way home either.

So much for the GPS’ helpfulness! I can just hear many of you saying “AMEN!” and see others shaking your heads in disbelief. While sometimes I’d love to throw it across the room and dismiss it as a useless object, I KNOW that people use them, love them and find them helpful. I should probably study the manual and I should definitely ask The Boy for tips and advice. I mean, I am sure he will absolutely LOVE showing me step by step what all the little buttons do!

Hmmm…seems a familiar pattern…I don’t understand it; throw it out. This verse doesn’t make sense; it must not be applicable today.

Without pouring over the Bible itself, in addition to asking the Author and those who are more learned for help, how can I expect to gain all I can from such a life changing Book? It requires more than a daily once over. So I can be thankful for the Biblical training classes SIM requires, even if I don’t prefer online learning!

Nevertheless I’m still not convinced the GPS is better than paper maps or directions from a friend!

Any good GPS or getting lost stories out there? Leave a comment below…

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