Feels like home

God must have known we would be missing Africa at least a little, even while enjoying our time in the States. So in His sense of humor He orchestrated a few events to make us feel like we were back in Kenya…

Things like…the power outage in Aunt Mary’s and Grandma Goldie’s entire neighborhood while a thunderstorm rolled through.

In Kenya the heavy rains come and cause multiple blackouts for much longer time periods. Sometimes the power only comes on for a couple hours per day.

…Or the water mysteriously shutting off in the mission house . Turns out a neighbor was working on his irrigation and shut off the wrong pipes! But in my mind I was immediately wondering why the water “ran out”!

In Kenya we have to store up water and if I’m not careful the tanks will get too empty before the regulated days of city water come back around.

…Or the electricity going out during Aloma’s church service, so we briefly sat in the dark and strained to hear as the pastor kept preaching until it came back a few minutes later.

In Kenya it seems the power goes out at least every other week. Caleb and some of the guys would have to go lug the generator from the shed and hook it up to the sound system. The pastors never miss a beat! They just start shouting all the louder.

Ahhh! Home sweet home.

What are your “feels just like home” moments?

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