Stolen Hearts

Three precious boys who love and pray for me. And now? They love my husband too!

He unknowingly stole their hearts the minute he started showing them pictures of the airplanes he works on, while the “adults” were still talking at the dinner table. The Boy patiently answered question after question while pointing out different interesting objects in each photo.

Next thing I know the oldest whisked The Boy away to the computer room excitedly showing him a flight simulator game. As I peek around the door all four “boys” are engrossed in the excitement of flying over Lake Naivasha in Kenya, heading towards an airstrip the younger ones have never landed on before.

“Watch this!” And then I lose all track of where the conversation has gone. For it winds in and out of the intricacies of airplane and vehicle mechanics, a topic I will never be adept at and it surprises me the depth of knowledge this rather intelligent second grader already has on this subject.

All three generations!

More impressive than their knowledge of mechanics, is their discipline and love for the Lord at such an early age. Important Biblical teachings have been passed down from grandparents to parents and now to these children.

We got to spend time with all three generations and were so blessed by the heritage we saw, a heritage not unlike both mine and The Boy’s. Not only are they passing on a deep love and respect for God but also the importance of sharing the Gospel and praying for missionaries, as these precious ones do every week.

I’m thankful for the friendship of this wonderful family and how quickly they have come to love and accept my husband.

And now The Boy has a new 8 year old pen pal!

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