Alarm Clocks and Chickens

Our neighbors in Kenya have gotten chickens… Now they’re contemplating a rooster. He says it can be my alarm clock when we return. Nice. Thanks for the consideration Steve!

Good thing we are morning people. The sun is all the alarm clock he needs. And when he wakes up I generally do too.

This morning though we set the alarm for 6:30am. Why? I. have no. idea. Its not as if we had any pressing engagements to go to. Our schedule is far from normal while on home assignment.

I finally rolled out of bed around 7:30am. Ate breakfast, began my devotions and felt my head begin to nod as my eyes glazed over. After laying my head down for a “brief moment” I woke up… 2 hours later!

Late nights visiting with supporters and friends have caught up to me. And because I have no shut off valve for my thought activity it takes me a while to wind down before bed. So the late nights become even later. My sleep lessens.

Unlike my handsome counterpart who can literally turn over and be asleep in seconds, my brain drones on and on.

Lately though, he’s had to delay his snoozing to listen to my chatter.

DevotionsSometimes we try to solve the world’s problems but mostly he simply listens to my thoughts on the day, commenting here and there.

We read, taking turns, a devotional chapter highlighting a Scripture verse.

We talk about the people and friends we’ve met, difficulties they might be facing and then…

We pray. EVERY NIGHT. No matter how late. This has become our routine that I hope is never routine.

This is why we need an alarm clock. I’m just not sure I want it to sound like a rooster!

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