Dirty Jobs

The Boy has a wonderful bond with his nephews. He quickly found his way into their hearts. They ask him to kick the ball, wrestle, go to the playground, play Legos, race cars and swim in the pool. They always want him to do the BIG splashes.

(His cannon balls have quite the impact!)

However with best bud privileges, come other… not so fun responsibilities.

When the little guy needs a diaper change he always wants The Boy to do it. And when he wanted to go potty like his big brother, The Boy is the one to supervise. Best bud also means cleaning up the messy faces and mud smeared boogers.

That’s just dirty.

But…it means he gets to do the really fun ones too, like read Dr. Seuss books, be the tickle monster, kiss booboos and snuggle them to sleep.

Today he sat in the big Popazon chair to settle the little guy down. Older brother decided he wanted to take a nap with Uncle too. All three boys cuddled up in the chair; the older two pretending to sleep (snores and all!) so the younger one would actually go to sleep.

“Dirty jobs” always seem to go hand in hand with the really cool ones don’t they?

Even in ministry.

Sometimes we get discouraged. Or stressed. We get sick… sometimes a lot. We have to take nasty medicine. Sometimes there are unfortunate side effects. There is paper work to do… occasionally it piles up. We get lied to and stolen from. We get disillusioned.

And sometimes our attitudes need adjustment.

Because even with all the awesome jobs of ministry we let the “dirty jobs” sneak in and steal our joy. Then we need to be reminded again of those cool things. Things like, getting hugs from students, discipling a young believer, knowing our airplane saved a life through a medical evacuation receiving sweet letters of encouragement or packages from supporters, changing lives with the Gospel and so many more.

Ever been there?

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