Plastic Chairs and Tents

South Sudan.

My excitement levels are hard to contain knowing that our decision is made!

Early this year our director asked us to consider a placement in South Sudan. Thrilled about the impact we could have in an area steadily growing with refugees, I dreamed of building relationships through gardening, raising chickens and learning how to cook on a charcoal oven. My dreams were straight out of Little House on the Prairie. What an adventure!

But should we leave behind our positions in Kenya? Where did God want us? We weren’t sure. My excitement waned.

So we prayed. Read Scripture.

Sought advice. And prayed.

Met with our directors. And prayed some more.

Scripture was the most impactful advice given; Colossians 3:15 “Let the peace of God reign in your hearts…” We feel that peace in our decision to go to South Sudan.

Then…I heard about the plastic chairs.

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