Plastic Chairs cont…

Tent (or maybe mud hut) living. NOT on my bucket list. 

Notice the BLUE plastic chair!

Welcome to South Sudan! Since I have such a handy husband and building houses IS on HIS to do list, I began to dream of the place he would build us. I was sure we would not be living in a tent for long before we could move into a beautiful mansion! He soon burst that bubble with his talk of Plastic Chairs.

We have to furnish our house (Wait…not even a house…our TENT?!) with PLASTIC CHAIRS? Those just don’t belong.

Back this up just a little.

His house remained just that…a house. There was a world map taped to the wall. His furniture did not match. He didn’t have extra pillows on the bed much less a bedspread. The curtains didn’t match or even fit all the windows properly. Obviously he’s not going to be bothered.

But me?

My house in Kenya turned into a Home just a few short weeks after I moved in. I painted and put pictures on the wall. I bought furniture and dishes. I searched the markets for curtains and bought comforters with matching pillows.

Now everything we own will have to be flown in, paid for by weight and that is expensive. I have to admit a battle went on in my mind and in my heart. I like my space. I like to make it personal, comfortable, beautiful even. I need a place to relax, unwind and get away.

How can I do that living in a tent?
How am I going to make it a home?

The Lord has been working on me. I am very excited about this new adventure and opportunity. But I won’t pretend the adjustment is going to be easy.

Through it all my hope and prayer is that LOVE would permeate whatever “house” we have to live in; that love would turn it into a home; that when friends, co-workers, villagers, Sudanese come to visit they won’t even notice the chairs, plastic or not, because they can literally feel the love of Christ.

3 thoughts on “Plastic Chairs cont…

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  2. Praying for you. This resonates in all women’s hearts- the desire to make things beautiful! Your tent will be beautiful because you are in it 🙂 Love you!

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