3rd Time’s a Charm

You’re going through SIMCo again? Isn’t this your third time?” multiple people have asked.

I didn’t fail the first 2 times. This time it’s my wife’s fault!

Because she is joining SIM for the first time we’re required to attend as a couple. Now I’m sitting through yet another round of orientation classes and am finally getting all the right answers!

A few of us who chose to go hiking during free time.

The truth is I am learning many new things and am able to encourage others who might be feeling overwhelmed. Our time is well spent and we’re enjoying getting to know the 30 families also in the process of SIM training, several whom will be serving with us in South Sudan!

Some of our classes and meetings include:

  • Software and computer programs useful on the field
  • Financial specifics, including budgets and retirement plans
  • Physical, mental and spiritual health guidelines
  • Personality differences and how to live well within community

Even though I have been through the program 3 times now (1st as a short-termer, 2nd as a long-termer and now as a married man), I am picking up helpful tips and new information that will help me both on and off the field. We all need to learn how to do our jobs better and constantly be looking for better programs and ways of doing things.

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