Much Needed Rest

On the road again. Stopping for a night. Dinner. Breakfast with a friend. On the road again. Training. On the road again. Speaking in church. Meeting new people. On the road again.

Our cross country trip is well underway and although loads of fun, it is hard finding time to rest.

Generally that means I take naps while The Boy drives.

But rest isn’t always about sleep for me. Sometimes I just need a quiet place to read or relax; away from the demands of conversation and meeting new people. Don’t get me wrong; I LOVE spending time with others but in the end I’m still a bit of an introvert.

So when we finally arrived in Indiana it was a sweet retreat! We stayed with a woman who uses her home to bless those that need a place of rest. Located a bit in the countryside it was quiet, comfortable and relaxing. Each day I enjoyed a delicious cup of coffee and unrushed time in Scripture.

Despite only staying two nights it was enough to rejuvenate my soul and allow me to enjoy the next steps of our journey!

One thought on “Much Needed Rest

  1. I’ve been thinking about this very thing about you – that it must be hard to travel and visit so much without having private time for yourselves. i’m praying that you’ll find strength in the times of quiet you do get, like you wrote about.

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