Pace (“pache”)

Skyline seen reflected in “The Bean”

Peace – in Romanian

Amidst many hugs, we sadly take our leave of Chicago. Its not the city we will miss, although the architecture and skyline view are beautiful. Rather it’s the people we came in contact with while there.

Our hosts are friends we met and served with in Kenya. They are proudly Romanian and enjoy a rich cultural heritage. We were welcomed into their community of friends, many of whom are also Romanian. Some might notice all our differences; our traditions, our foods, our language even how we look.

But because of our commonality in Christ what matters most is the same.

Threaded through all our conversations was a love of Christ and a desire to spread His name and glory. We talked about things that mattered. We laughed and joked. We ate! Still, Christ was always evident.

When our focus is right our differences fade.

We shared what the Lord is doing through us with the Logos Baptist Ministries and were overwhelmingly blessed by their outpouring of love! We could tell you individual stories yet they wish to remain anonymous. Instead we will leave a tribute to them here, knowing that their ultimate reward is in heaven.

Thank you!