I told you about the plastic chairs and tents but you haven’t heard about the toilet!

In Doro it’s better known as an outhouse, latrine or the long drop. You know…the kind your great-grandfather used back in the day on the farm? It’s that small wooden building falling down out behind the house.

The thought of stepping outside the safety of my tent after dark, to walk down a path littered with bugs, scorpions and snakes, just to make a pit stop at the privy makes me nervous! Maybe The Boy will install some solar-powered garden lights to direct me safely down the path to the throne room. Maybe they could even be in shape of flowers or colorful butterflies.

Hmmm… That might have some potential. At least if I can’t have a porcelain potty I can have pretty lights!

3 thoughts on “Toilets

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  2. All lights are pretty, especially LEDs. I think most solar ones only last until 2-3 am, so hopefully there are no bathroom visits after that (and before dawn). But he is super smart and he will get you some good lights.

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