What I’ve Got

Is what I’ll give.

A woman came to our missions table to speak with us. Pulling me aside she told me a bit about her life, took a prayer card and left.

In just a few minutes she came back with a shopping bag. Inside was a shirt.

“A shirt?” – Not exactly what I was expecting!

God moved her to give an offering from what she had. Humbled at her thoughtfulness, I wear it knowing she cheerfully gave to the Lord from the depths of her heart.

God tells us to “let each one give as he purposes in his heart” and that He “loves a cheerful giver”.

The poor widow gave her “two mites”. Lydia and her husband opened up their home to Paul. The believers in Acts sold their possessions and goods, dividing them among any who had need.

We receive a salary supplied by God’s people. As part of their offering to Him they give each month so we can continue to live and work in a foreign land ministering to the people there.

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU, for being cheerful givers!

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