Clean Water Project

Villagers pumping water in Doro.

Currently in the Upper Nile Region of South Sudan 65% of people do not have access to clean drinking water. SIM’s clean water project seeks to provide access to clean water for many South Sudanese villages, by digging wells, drilling boreholes, providing water filtration and purification facilities, and through water sanitation training.

In Mabaan County, where thousands of refugees now reside, the critical need for this vital resource has become magnified. The threat of cholera and other diseases, especially during rainy season, has put increasing pressure to dig more boreholes.

Villagers wait for hours to fill their jerry cans with water.

Children wait for clean water.

SIM’s Water Project has successfully dug 3 new boreholes since the refugees started arriving, providing alternative water sources for the growing population. Community involvement in the water project through consultation and volunteer labor ensures ownership by the village from its inception.

3 thoughts on “Clean Water Project

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  2. Wow, this is great. It’s amazing to me how some solutions to such desperate situations seem relatively simple. The water is right there… just underground, ready to be tapped. I feel like there should be a deep biblical analogy here 🙂

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