Women’s Discipleship

How did Jesus make disciples? He taught the twelve while He ate with them, worshipped with them. Walked, talked, and lived with them.

The purpose of the Gospel is to transform lives, to be personal rather than institutional. Discipleship is the key; training people of the church, formally and informally, to have a deep, meaningful, life-changing relationship with God.

Mabaan Village Women ©Briggs

Our co-worker is doing just that among women of the church in South Sudan. As the Lord opens doors she walks through them, gradually learning more about culture, language, and relationships. As she puts it, “Jesus needs to ‘get into their lives,’ not in a dress-up-go-to-church sort of way but in a moment by moment basis.”

So after three years of language learning and cultural immersion, she is starting to see small seeds of change. One woman asked if they could read their Bibles together. Another wants to learn how to pray. As she invests in relationship building through literacy, she is making inroads toward discipleship opportunities!

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