Long Lost Friends

While many workers have partnered with them, for the past six years, one SIM Ethiopian couple has remained constant, pouring into people in Doro through evangelistic efforts. They have shared Jesus and discipled new believers, yet with the influx of refugees the needs and challenges have grown immensely.  They continue to lead Bible studies with groups in the refugee camp and show evangelistic films, like the Jesus Film. However, more workers are needed.

Showing the Jesus Film

Earlier this year SIM organized an Ethiopian team scheduling them to come for six weeks. On November 12 they arrived in Doro! The team leader, Sebsibe, came early to finalize plans and meet the Sudanese translators. As he approached  Pastor Abraham, the leader in charge of the Uduk refugee churches, warm greetings broke out between the two. Thirteen years earlier, Sebsibe was Pastor Abraham’s mentor in the faith at a refugee camp in Ethiopia! Both were overjoyed to meet again and to work together among many desperate for the Truth.

The Lord is doing a mighty work. Even now, some have already committed their lives to Christ. We look forward to hearing more from our teammates in the coming weeks as they recount salvation stories and witness the Lord working and moving in many hearts at this time. We are also lifting the team in prayer as this is a spiritual battle. Prayer is powerful, effective support that we can lend from afar. Join with us!

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