I’m Not Crazy

Move to South Sudan. Live in the bush. Stay in a tent. Hand wash the laundry. Use a long drop. Battle with scorpions, snakes and lots of bugs. Learn a new language.

I’m not crazy. But people try to tell me that all the time. Maybe not quite so bluntly but the words come in many forms…

I could never do what you do.

Isn’t it dangerous?

Where will you live?

What do you eat?

Your life sounds so… so… exciting.

Fellow MissionariesMaybe I am crazy but not as crazy as this couple. Retired and in their 70’s this couple followed God’s leading to sell their house and move. Short term mission trips weren’t enough. They heard God’s voice to become more involved. This couple is leaving behind family and comfort to live among the Hakka Chinese who call Panama their home. Being from Florida he knows that retirees generally move south… but to Panama?

Really? You guys are crazy!

Why? Why is this crazy? Isn’t this what we are supposed to do? Be sold out. Give our all. Go where He leads. Tell the world. Share His love. Maybe that means stay right where you are. Maybe it means move miles away from everything that is familiar. Either way as my Grandmother says, the safest, best place for you is in the center of God’s will.

Why do people call you crazy?

2 thoughts on “I’m Not Crazy

  1. People say I’m crazy because I like to listen to Christmas music all year round. And some think I’m crazy because I quit my job and moved to Kenya, and I take vacations in Iraq. But I’m most definitely NOT crazy! =) -R

    • I have another friend who listens to Christmas music year round…there are at least two of you! 🙂 The thing is it does sounds crazy from a world perspective but with “heavenly eyes” it makes so much sense.

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