We Arrived!

Creation of our duct-taped box

Creation of the duct-taped box for the motorcycle tires

After teary goodbyes, checking six bulky pieces of luggage, including motorcycle tires in a duct-taped box, and a three hour delay our flight got underway. Although delayed again at Gatwick, we soon disembarked, managed to manhandle our baggage onto carts navigating our way to buy bus tickets, all the while receiving strange looks for our mismatched luggage and duct-taped box.

50 British pounds and a missed bus later we finally arrived at Heathrow, only to board another bus for the hotel, which was A-mazing! Because of a generously donated room we were treated like royalty, shown to the executive lounge and given our choice of drinks and snacks.

With no time to spare we took the bus back to the airport, bought passes for the underground, and proceeded on the Piccadilly Line in to town to meet up with a good friend. The vast diversity of people was astonishing; spiked hair and wallet chains, suits and high heels, skinny jeans, baggy jeans, young, old, Asian, French.

Delicious breakfast spread!

The time in London was refreshing. The fish-n-chips, hot shower, good night’s rest, and delicious breakfast spread complete with fresh fruits, eggs, bacon, sausage, yogurt, gourmet coffee, etc. was a great way to start the second half of our journey, another 8 hour plane ride to Nairobi.

Thankfully, everything made it in one piece, including our luggage. We had no trouble obtaining my visa or with customs officials. A friend was there to meet us and bring us home. Exhausted but happy we slept in our very own bed; the first time in 9 months!

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