Orientation began the day following our arrival. Lots of information but I’m not sure how much actually penetrated the fog inside my brain.

New Front Tire

With new front tire

The fridge doesn’t work.

The truck won’t start.

The motorcycle got a flat. (Good thing we brought those tires!)

We are apartment hunting…

Oh and by the way anything we need in Malakal needs to be bought, weighed, packed and at the office in a few short days to be ready for the cargo flight.

What?! Slow down, take a deep breath, and pray.

We are headed to Malakal, South Sudan sometime in the first half of February to begin learning language. In light of the recent developments this seems the best choice. Although there is no official school located there, Malakal offers a language immersion setting. Using a self-directed learning method we will begin to acquire Arabic on our own.

There are limited supplies available in Malakal. Although we personally don’t leave until February all of our things will be shipped out in advance. Therefore, anything we might need or want in the next 3 months must be ready to go on the cargo flight.

Our stuff is somewhere in the middle!

Our stuff is somewhere in the middle!

Clothes are packed once more. We ordered a metal-framed, queen size bed complete with a frame for our mosquito net on Sunday and the fundis (workers) had it finished by Monday. At Nakumatt (our Wal-Mart) we bought a queen-size mattress, sheets, folding chairs, standing fan (for when the electricity works), and some hanging drawers. These items will most likely be the extent of our furniture in Malakal.

Any consumable items needed have to last the entire 3 months or we basically do without; toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, suntan lotion. I bought LOTS of toilet paper!

Food items such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, nuts, and spices are also a luxury usually not found in Malakal. Many bring in canned products, cheeses, and snack foods but we didn’t have the time or space for these things. However, I did manage to buy some peanut butter and pack some of my spices.

Our life for the next 3 months is packed into 130 kilos of weight about to be loaded onto the cargo plane!

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