Bumpy Ride

Travel by car to Malakal from Kenya is pretty unrealistic. The roads, if they exist at all, are unreliable, bumpy, full of potholes and potential dangers.

PilotThat leaves us to travel by air. Flying is not my favorite thing to do especially not with a bum leg. Climbing in and out of a small, cramped airplane with only 4 hours of sleep the night before definitely didn’t rank high on my list of enjoyable things to try.

The pilot of our caravan generously allowed me to straighten my knee between his and the co-pilot’s seats on top of all his in-flight paperwork. The first leg to Lokichogio wasn’t too difficult until we made our descent. My air sick bag came in handy. I’m not sure if it was the turbulence or the 3 different medications (two antibiotics and an anti-malarial) I’m on that list nausea as a frequent side effect that did me in.

JubaMy stomach was queasy for the next two puddle-hopper stops before reaching Juba. Somehow I managed to keep the medicine from working its way back up by gulping down cold water provided by the pilot. I was glad to put my feet on solid ground and even gladder when I reached the air-conditioned house of our MAF friends! This country is hot, hot, hot!

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