Domestic Endeavors

Making yogurt

Making yogurt

Cooking has never been a passion or an interest of mine (the boy). During the 12 years between high school and marriage, I never starved but rarely cooked anything beyond basic cheap food that would fill me up. Even while dating, my girlfriend then fiancé and now wife, enjoyed cooking and took care of most of that responsibility.  Even now I still prefer to eat as opposed to cook.


Fettuccini noodles drying

However, since our main job at the moment is learning language, I have had a bit more free time on my hands because I can only pack so much language into my brain at a time. Couple that with living in “the bush” where there are few processed foods available to purchase, more time is spent in the kitchen. This being the case I have helped my wife make fettuccini and lasagna noodles, ricotta cheese, yogurt and pancakes. Maybe for my next project I’ll combine my new skills with my old to make a solar food dehydrator to help us have seasonal foods longer.


Checking the milk temperature

It’s been fun to create some tasty dishes and of course I still love to eat them.

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