Like a child

Whoever said it was easy being 2?!? How frustrating to be unable to communicate basic wants, needs or feelings. No wonder they call it the “terrible twos”.

I can relate.

Throwing tantrums seems like a reasonable response to me!

20130321-153127.jpgLearning language is like reverting back to early childhood. All I hear is gibberish strung together much too quickly in lilting tones. In return the South Sudanese hear gibberish from me. My feeble attempts to speak Arabic sound skewed by a decidedly American accent.

However, we are making progress. We have a fantastic language helper, Khalil. He graciously helps us out 2 hours each morning. Because he is originally from the north his Arabic is really good, a bonus for us. He’s also willing to use the GPA method, a huge deviation from the teaching norm here.

Now we can claim over 250 words in our vocabulary! If you want to know the story of Noah’s ark we can at least name the animals in Arabic 2 by 2!

2 thoughts on “Like a child

  1. Wow you guys! Your world looks incredible! (and incredibly hard). We know how sometimes it seems like you are out there on your own and maybe the world has forgotten you (it hasn’t!) and we wanted you to know that you both are in our daily prayers (ketchup girl to stephen đŸ™‚ Like we said when we heard you were heading to South Sudan – God uses His sharpest tools to do His hardest work. We love you! God’s blessings on you both.

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