He is Risen!

He is risen! Yes indeed Christ has risen and boy did we celebrate. I’m sure the rejoicing from our SIC church was heard all over Malakal! Every choir from every language group had their turn to sing praises! (Including the SIM choir.)

Little girls donned brightly colored skirts with beautifully done embroidery. Boys sported grass skirts and beaded necklaces, each of them exuberantly executing their intricate choreography. Women danced down the aisles shaking gourds filled with seeds. The drummers pounded out a rhythm adding to the joyful noise.

Although most of the time our church service is completely in Arabic, Pastor Peter outdid himself this Easter, switching flawlessly from Shilluk, Arabic and English so that we could all understand the sermon.

Later that day we continued the celebration by fixing food for many of our Southern Sudanese friends. We sang songs about our Redeemer in English and Arabic. Our director explained the reason we celebrate; how Christ paid for our wrongdoings through His death taking the punishment that should have been ours.

This was definitely a 1st wedding anniversary we will not soon forget!

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