A Day in Our Life:

Wake up – Now that we have fans run by solar power we can sleep in past 5!!!

Check email while the Internet is “fast”. (The Girl takes her turn in the word games she plays with her brother and a few friends.)

Devotions – on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays we have team devotions and worship in addition to our private ones.

Breakfast – The boy usually makes this; Semolina (similar to grits but we sweeten it), yogurt and oats or toast. However now we have an Ethiopian “DONUT” (read “fried dough”) shop across the street!

Morning – If it’s my day to cook I prepare everything to go into the solar ovens and place them outside.

Walk to Dafuri school for language lessons. Spend two hours cramming Arabic into our brains and learning about culture

Sweat. Drink water.

Walk to open market. Greet our many acquaintances. Sometimes we are invited to ‘fatur’ (brunch) or to take ‘shy’ (tea).

Purchase the day’s food – ‘jir jir’ (tastes like rocket lettuce), cucumber, tomato, bread and maybe yogurt for the next morning’s breakfast.

Sweat. Drink more water.

Lunch – cucumber salad sandwiches, leftovers or PB&J

Afternoon – Review Arabic lessons using recordings of our helper and using supplementary materials at which point our brains turn to mush.


Wilt from the heat.

Drink more water.

Hand wash laundry. Enjoy splashing in the water!

Order water from a donkey cart.

The Boy fixes things around the house. Sometimes the girl helps.

Rita comes and The Girl helps her learn English.

Dinner – Set table. Eat delicious food.

Evening – Watch DVDs. Play games. Chat. Share daily experiences with teammates.

Take bucket baths.

Read evening devotions (just the two of us). Pray for supporters and other missionaries.

Go to bed.



And repeat!

5 thoughts on “A Day in Our Life:

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  2. I will pray for plenty of sun! If it is anything like Garissa heat, and I’m sure it is more, then I will pray for LOTS of sun!!

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