3Kgs = 300 churches

A friend from our AIC church in Kenya approached me (The Boy) about ferrying certificates of achievement from Nairobi to a pastor in Malakal. I readily agreed and he placed a hefty package in my hands, definitely more than I was expecting. It weighed 3 kilos (6.6 lbs.)!

Once again in Malakal, I gave Pastor Elijah a call. He came by with another evangelist and after introductions we sat down to talk. They are Baptist but we quickly agreed that denominations are not very important and that by working together we accomplish more.

He went on to share that this package contained 300 certificates to be awarded to 300 church leaders! The training program is extensive, 10-12 months long, including books and other materials as part of the training. Before a certificate is awarded each church leader must start a new cell church.

I questioned myself as to whether I really had room for those 3 extra Kilos, but after hearing what they represent I am very glad I accepted the package. It was yet another opportunity to hear an amazing story of how our Father is working in this country.

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