How to be a Missionary

I tend to put missionaries on a pedestal of holiness. Somehow they seem above the rest of us. They live their lives in exotic places ministering to unknown people’s. They relate story after story of God’s miraculous hand working in and through their lives.

Bibles crossing closed borders undetected, safe passage through hostile territory, visions of angels surrounding their vehicles when bandits are near, recovery from grave illnesses, people coming to know The Lord every day.

These are the stories of Christian heroes. Stories I thought I would never be able to tell.

Then… I became a missionary. I became one of these extraordinary people and I realized that we (missionaries) are not extraordinary! Missionaries simply live life in a way that, hopefully, gives God glory and pleasure. We are doing the same thing good Christians in America, Canada, Australia, Kenya, South Sudan or China are doing.

The emphasis has been wrongly placed. God is extraordinary.

Missionary, simply put, means being God-honoring Christians away from one’s home country. As one seasoned missionary said, “You’re not going overseas to convert people. You’re going to live out your Christian life in full view of others.”

I know many Christians who live in such a way. These are the ones who experience miracles in their “ordinary” lives.

A friend who battles a life threatening illness with dignity and grace. A woman who is given visions of those needing prayer. A church who recently baptized 19 people on one Sunday. A professor who gives of her time to teach English to women of a different belief, impacting them greatly with her own faith.

All these stories take place in America!

Do you have stories of ordinary people allowing God’s extraordinariness to shine through them? Please share these heroes in the faith by leaving a comment below.

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