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My repertoire of diseases I could possibly get while in Africa is constantly expanding.

Schistosomaisis, Onchocersiasis, Filariasis. Every heard of these? Me neither until they were covered in our recent health orientation. Well, I take that back. My husband had Schisto before I came along. It comes from worm larvae carried by snails, boring into your skin as you swim in an infected lake. Delightful.

The others are just as awesome. Go look them up.

In addition there are always the “normal” things like; giardia, amoebas, worms, and malaria, for which we take a profalaxsis, that can cause vivid nightmares and hallucinations. Thankfully, I seem to be immune to those side- affects as is my husband, who is of course immune to most everything that would make an ordinary person sick. Guess that is just another positive byproduct growing up in Africa.

Regardless though I cover myself in an immense amount of prayer every time I choke down the weekly dose. Doses that come from our own personal stash because medical facilities are few and so we happen to be our own walking clinics. The list of medicines we are required to ship in with us, “just in case,” is extensive. I can’t even pronounce half of them.

There you have it. Life without medical facilities is that much more complicated. Come visit and we’ll see just how capable I am at diagnosing and treating any ailments you might contract! 😉

Side note: For those of you extremely worried after reading this. We do have a doctor on call that can do preliminary diagnosis over the phone. If things are terrible we have insurance that covers medical evacuations. But most of the time it’s just your everyday normal sicknesses. Prayers are always appreciated but don’t worry about us too much!

Any strange illnesses you’ve encountered overseas? Or even at home? Leave a comment!

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