Downpour in My House

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is roaring!

This rainy season is like none other. Storms come out of nowhere, flooding our ditches, streets and compound, easily dropping over 2 inches within the hour. The wind slams the rain into our outer walls causing water to seep through and creating rivulets that crisscross our floor. This same wind brought down our lovely Neem tree that offered us much-needed shade during dry season.

BucketsAs the storm continues we scramble to find enough buckets to catch the streams that pour in through holes in the ceiling. However, this is better than the first rains where our roof leaked like a sieve, after which “Mr. Fix-it” and our director patched it the best they could on a tight budget.

Thankfully no leaks have sprung over our beds yet! But…our floors quickly become obstacle courses of containers and puddles in the deluge. Outside we don’t have enough barrels to hold all the water gushing off our roof and overflowing our drain spouts.

Muddy RoadsThe ditches outside our compound can barely hold the torrential rivers of water trying to make their way to the White Nile on the city’s edge. It is difficult to tell where the ditches end and the roads begin. The car parks become murky swamps and many roads are completely flooded. We can hear engines straining as vehicles struggle to dislodge themselves from the sludge.

As the rain slows people venture out to inspect and get on with their day. Pealing laughter is heard from children slipping and sliding on the muddy streets.

Then, just as quickly as they come the storms dissipate leaving behind the notorious Malakal mud that swallows your shoes, creates slip-n-slides out of the roads and traps unsuspecting motorists!

The Malakal team theme song has quickly become:

“Rain, rain on my face
It hasn’t stopped raining for days
My world is a flood
Slowly I become one with the mud”
– Jars of Clay

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