The ebb and flow of life has been mostly ebbing for a while. Hence the long silence. Things have simply settled into a pattern that doesn’t seem nearly as interesting to write about as when everything was new and fresh.

That isn’t to say that life in South Sudan will ever be the same as life back in the States. Yet, it is our new normal; cooking over charcoal, bucket baths, Arabic lessons, walks to the market, hand washing clothing, ordering water from a donkey cart, collecting water from the drips in our roof. Unusual no longer describes our life. To us, it is simply typical and quite ordinary.

There are many days that don’t “make the book.” Days that aren’t glamorous or exciting. Days devoid of miraculous healings, revivals or crusades. Days like the ones over the past month where our witness is a smile and a greeting as we buy vegetables in the market. Days marked by encouraging local pastors at a monthly prayer meeting or praying from afar as we see young boys choosing a life on the street. Days of experimental baking and report writing. Days of sitting silently with a neighbor when our language fails us or providing a steady job for a friend.

A blog titled, 10 Reasons Not to Become a Missionary, caught my eye. The very first reason resonates with me, Don’t Become a Missionary if You Think You Are Going to Change the World. At first glance this might seem an odd statement to include. Yet her reasoning is sound. Being a missionary doesn’t necessarily mean life will be one dramatic story after another. It could be… but it could also be a life of quiet obedience “help[ing], while getting no recognition and seeing no fruit in the process.”

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