Pizza Party

Pizza, a Bangladeshi, an American and a Kiwi.

Our Bangladeshi neighbor is keen to learn to bake and especially wanted to learn to make pizza. My Kiwi friend traded baking lessons for Bangladeshi cooking lessons and I’m just along for the ride!

Sticky FingersA bag of flour (some on the floor, some on our clothes and hopefully most of it in the pizza dough) and several sticky sets of hands later, we finished the task of mixing and rolling the dough. We chopped tomatoes, onions and garlic for the sauce. The two westerners set to work making traditional pizzas with tomato sauce, cheese, meat and other “normal” toppings. Isn’t this how all pizzas are made?

Not quite… we were shocked to see our Bangladeshi friend’s concoction.

Curry PizzaFrom a culture where food almost always includes some form of curry powder it was simply unthinkable to leave it out. She decided to add curried chicken with a curry sauce to her dough. Admittedly I was skeptical. Curry just doesn’t belong on pizza! Yet, to my surprise the “pizza” turned out quite delicious.

FriendsNumerous dirty dishes, 5 scrumptious pizzas, lots of laughter, = 3 new friends.

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