One Year Visa

As we flew out from Kenya I dreaded wading through the visa process in yet another country. As always before a flight I woke up nervous. Our alarm sounded at 4:30am in preparation for our 5:30am taxi ride to the airport! We had a small window of time to get things right. His visa for South Sudan expired on the 15th so our year visas needed to be processed within two days for him to remain legal. My own cutoff date for flying, due to our child’s imminent arrival, was quickly approaching.

To our delight we arrived to a very organized and orderly airport! So many wonderful changes since the first time we passed through. Gone was the chaos, replaced by systematic lines and helpful officials wearing badges. Entry into South Sudan was smooth and painless.

Our taxi driver took us straight to immigration headquarters and we began our visa process in a slightly less organized environment. At the start we hit a slight bump in the road with our papers. Yet only for minute, before the official’s demeanor became friendly and he gave us an alternative. Later as my husband and I compared notes for the day we realized that both of us had sent up a prayer at just that moment!

We were blessed to have step by step instructions given us by teammates who previously went through this same laborious process. Our task was made smooth by their earlier efforts and officials who graciously showed us the way forward. Not two hours later we held our one year multi-entry South Sudan visas in hand!

Praise the Lord for His grace. Thank you to all who lifted us up. Your prayers were definitely felt!

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