This Ordinary Life

I’ve got nothing.

My creative juices have gone out the window along with all the sleep I thought I would get now that my body is once again (sort of) my own and I can sleep on my stomach because there is no longer a little person inside.

Instead that little person is now outside demanding my attention. My brain functions at too low of a level to come up with inspired and witty blog posts when it is only allowed 3 to 4 hours of sleep at a time.

Sorry my dedicated blog readers but the tank is empty. I am run dry. (Hence the lack of posts this past month.)

I could tell you about the mundane aspects of my life but I’m not sure they make for a good post. Today I managed to change multiple diapers (thankfully no dirty ones!), feed the little guy quite frequently and feed myself, if popcorn and a tangerine count. I scanned receipts and filed reimbursement claim forms. I washed two loads of clothes and even made my bed.

Although I’m in my “comfy” clothes (over-sized sweatshirt and yoga pants), at least I changed out of my pajamas. The kitchen is a mess but I have every intention of washing the dishes if Baby D ever decides to take a nap. The refrigerator needs to be restocked but thankfully it is Tuesday which means two for one pizza night. That will buy me a little more time.

I’m sure I have more to share, like how my hair is combed but I just remembered that I forgot to brush my teeth. However, I have a play date with some multi-colored elephants and a cutey pie who is squealing for some attention. So for now, I’m going to enjoy this very ordinary life!

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