Angels in Flight

I hate traveling. I love new places and being at my destination. I just don’t like the in between parts. I get nervous. I can’t sleep. I think through all the things that could go wrong. My palms get sweaty. I set multiple alarms and worry that somehow I’ll still wake up late and miss my taxi, my flight or breakfast. I need to eat breakfast, without it I feel sick. Unfortunately sometimes I also get sick eating it. I can’t win.

You prayed for me. My parents prayed for me. My husband prayed for me. I prayed for me. God answers prayers.

Little Bear taking a nap during our long wait.

Little Bear taking a nap in his tent during our long wait.

Our trip was far from easy. We got bumped from our original flight. The next day we checked in early. Our flight was delayed. We waited at the airport for hours before being called to board. Little Bear didn’t like the baby seat. He wanted his freedom. I wanted to cry. He did cry. We arrived late. Our luggage was lost. We were tired.

It was hard. Traveling alone with a baby is not my idea of fun but really I wasn’t alone. Your prayers worked. God sent angels each step of the way.

My favorite angel is a little Greek lady, who conquered cancer, is full of opinions, wears super high heels and still barely reaches my shoulder. She fought for us to be first on the National Express bus between airports in London because “that sweet baby needs to be out of the cold London air”. She took us to the front of the hotel line for check in because “that sweet baby needed to get settled for the night.” Then she disappeared.

There were many angels.

It was only Lauren’s second trip as a flight attendant. She might well have been nervous too but she made sure we had everything we needed; baby seatbelt, cot, water, baby food and Coke. She even gave me the chocolate bar straight from her pocket with a wink and a smile.

My friend, Sandy, was on the first leg with me. She helped carry bags, get our hotel vouchers, hold Little Bear and generally keep me sane.

Flight attendants, Ceri and Gabriella, took care of us on our second flight making sure Little Bear’s bottles were clean and filled with water for formula.

A high-heeled British lady held Little Bear while I used the restroom. Her partner entertained him with smiles and funny noises.

A distraught and frustrated fellow passenger whose luggage was also lost helped me find the customer service desk.

The security officials smiled despite my forgetting to take all the liquids out of Little Bear’s diaper bag.

A British Hindu man returning from his family reunion kept me company and conversed with me at the back of the airplane as I bounced Little Bear around to keep him happy.

Haridah, a British Airways employee, escorted me to the front of the line at customs and helped locate my lost luggage (which was in a completely different city!).

Many people relinquished their places in line to allow this harried mother and her Little Bear to the fronts of lines so we could get where we needed to go a bit faster.

Thank you for your prayers. We made it with the help of many angels in flight.

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