Water is Life

We are thankful for water.

Every day we pump water from the apartment complex’s borehole up to a tank on our roof. To make the water drinkable, we run every “golden” drop through a ceramic and charcoal water filter so that it comes out clean, clear and safe. We use chlorine mixed in the water to wash all fruits and vegetables that we eat raw. However, most of the time we have access to water straight from our tap.

When it does rain the Hills are beautiful, luscious and green.

When it does rain the Hills are beautiful, luscious and green.

Yet, our friends in Kenya’s Hurri Hills struggle to get water. The Hills, located near the Kenya-Ethiopian border, rise about 1500 meters on the Northern fringes of the hot, sweltering Chalbi Desert. What used to be a thick, lush forest now stands almost barren of trees. The altitude of the Hills makes digging a borehole impossible. Their only source of water is rain but this year they wondered if their catchment tanks would run dry. It didn’t rain for 7 months; from April until the end of October!

In South Sudan obtaining water is also a hardship. “Thirty-eight percent of the population has to walk more than 30 minutes one way to collect drinking water.” (World Bank October, 2014) It’s hard to imagine.

We are thankful for water to drink, to bathe in, to cook with, to wash clothes and to grow plants.