I am Privileged

We are thankful we can read.

Little Bear has already been exposed to numerous books in his short life. We read Bible stories to him each night. He owns quite a few baby board books and even a book that reads to him as he turns the pages. While he can’t read yet he will because we can. According to CIA Factbook an astounding 99% of people can read in the United States of America. What a privilege!

Unfortunately this is not a percentage shared by war ravaged South Sudan. After years of fighting with the North and now an ongoing conflict within, South Sudan is struggling to educate her children. In South Sudan only 27% of the population aged 15 years and above is literate. The literacy rate for males is 40% compared to 16% for females. (World Bank 2014) This is one of the highest illiteracy rates in the world.

Check out literacy rates around the world. Are you among the privileged few? Click on the map to go to an interactive website documenting literacy rates.

World Literacy Rates 2014

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