Jum Jum Believers

JumJum ChurchWhile in South Sudan last year, I (Bear) attended one of only 2 Jum Jum churches. Traditionally the Jum Jum live in small villages about 50 miles North of Doro. SIM started reaching these people in the 1950s but was forced to leave due to insecurity at that time. Up until now, the Jum Jum have remained largely unreached. However, due to the bombing and fighting in that area they fled in 2011. Now they live just down the road from our Doro base!

The number of believers is small, between 200 and 300. But we rejoice as one of our colleagues recently attended a baptism of 20 new believers!

Greeting LineThe preacher of the day was an elder in the community and one of the very first believers. There is no Bible in the Jum Jum language. Therefore, he reads from his English Bible, then translates and expounds on the word in the Jum Jum language. Our team partners with other literacy experts who start Bible translation into the Jum Jum language this month.

Pray with us for the efforts of our teammate, the translation process and the growth of these 2 small churches.