New Cessna Caravan on it’s way

The new (to us) SIM caravan started its long 8,000 mile journey this morning, Thursday 12th March. There was a dedication in TX earlier this week with some of the major donors. Then our two pilots flew to Ohio to get loaded for the long trip.

CaravanFollow its progress on AIM Air’s website: The planned route is to St. John, Newfoundland in Canada, then the long trip to Ireland, on to Malta, Egypt, then Eldoret, Kenya and from there the short flight to its new “home” at Wilson airport here in Nairobi.

Please pray for the pilots and the plane during this long trip (approximately 5-6 days of flying), much of it over wide open water.



I have a love/hate relationship with this social media giant.

I hate that I get envious of other people’s posts about the awesome lives they are living (Read about my house envy here.). I hate that it skews my vision of others’ lives because of course who wants to post the terrible, horrible, no good very bad days for the world to see? I hate that it causes me to compare my body to others. Can we please stop posting pictures of itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny bikinis on the beach?! I hate that I waste precious time while my son naps scrolling through checking out posts or clicking on meaningless articles when I should wash dishes or write blogs, things that are difficult to do when Little Bear is awake!

Most of all I hate that Facebook is the home of sensationalism, that it is a platform to spread unchecked facts, hate, bitterness and inappropriate photos.

Yet, I love how it makes the miles almost disappear. I love that I can keep up more easily with close friends all over the world. I love seeing pictures of my friends’ kids, fun activities and motivational stories. I love that it gets information out quickly to a wide audience, like how this blog will post to Facebook automatically! I love how it mobilizes people to pray, like with the Ebola outbreak in West Africa and recently when Little Bear had a really high fever.

Knowing that people in different time zones were praying for us even while we tried to get some sleep was priceless! More and more I am learning the peace that comes through prayer. I’m so thankful that Facebook enabled me to get the word out quickly and then notified me that people were interceding for us.

I don’t think I’ll give up Facebook but maybe I can work toward giving up some of those bad habits that Facebook brings out in me!