Things We Like

We love the Lord and each other.

We like true worship.

We love Kenya…most of the time. And South Sudan. And Africa.

We like fixing things and more things.

We like teaching others.

We like camping, riding bikes, hiking and rock climbing.

He loves motorcycles and she loves riding with him especially when they allow us to sneak through the fabulous Nairobi traffic…like this:

We like using our talents for Kingdom building.

We like building relationships.

We LOVE Ethiopian food, especially their doughnuts!

We’re about supporting our fellow workers. (Check out all the things they do!)

She loves Cheetos. He loves pizza. We both love ice cream.

We like sharing the many blessings the Lord has given us.

We like Twizzlers.

We like S’mores roasted over nice, hot coals.

We definitely love Dairy Queen!

We love family time and fellowship with friends.

We like traveling, meeting new people, and seeing new places.

We like getting mail and emails. And we LOVE comments on our blog! It lets us know you’re interested.

We like nifty gadgets. (Well, most of the time.)

She loves drinking Coke!

We like baking, even over charcoal.

He likes adventure and exploring new places.

She likes sewing.

We like animals, even cats.