What We Do

The Lord took us to South Sudan but because of the current political situation there has since brought us back to Kenya. Bear is working with AIM Air as an aviation mechanic. He is also the crisis manager for SIM South Sudan. This means he keeps abreast of real and possible threats to our team’s security in both South Sudan and in Kenya, constantly assessing the safety of our members. He sends out regular security tips to the team and is in charge of managing logistics if an evacuation is needed. In addition he is a member of the SIM Kenya Crisis Management Team.

While my main role is that of wife and mother, I am the part time communications manager for SIM South Sudan. There are also many opportunities to be involved in our church and with our team.

Our long term goals are:

  1. To enable missionaries to be more effective in equipping the church by providing reliable transportation to their ministry locations.
  2. To support our teammates, especially through times of crises, so they can continue their work emotionally, physically and spiritually healthy.
  3. To be involved in discipling and mentoring local believers.

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Pilot, doctor, teacher, evangelist, nurse, farmer, preacher, relief worker, mechanic and much, much more!

For several years Bear has had the privilege of serving with AIM Air. As an aircraft maintenance specialist he is one of a team of mechanics who keep the AIM Air fleet up in the sky. And if the planes can fly, then the missionaries that fulfill these many roles can do their jobs.

Four Stories, One Heart: How mission aviation connects to the Great Commission from AIM On-Field Media.

The AIM Air program supports missionaries in Kenya, Sudan, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Rwanda, Tanzania, Mozambique, Burundi and others through flights that provide supplies, emergency medical help, evacuations and much more. Working with them was a great opportunity to have a reach far beyond just his physical presence.