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Known for its national parks and wildlife reserves, Kenya gained independence from the United Kingdom on December 12, 1963.

KenyaPresident: Uhuru Kenyatta

Deputy President: William Ruto

Capital: Nairobi

Population: 44.35 million (2013 est.)

National Symbol: Lion

National Anthem: “Ee Mungu Nguvu Yetu” (Oh God of All Creation)

Kenya Size

The size of Kenya compared to the US

Currency: Kenya shilling

Major Exports: Tea, horticultural products, coffee, petroleum products, fish, cement

Literacy: Total population 87%; Male 91%; Female 84%

Religion: Christian, Muslim traditional African religions

Language: Kiswahili, English, over 60 indigenous languages

Some of the 42 different Tribes in Kenya:

Kamba Kikuyu Luhya
Luo Maasai Meru
Nubian Orma Pokomo
Rendille Samburu Turkana

Kenya FlagFlag Meaning: Black symbolizes the majority population, red the blood shed in the struggle for freedom, green stands for natural wealth, and white for peace; the Maasai shield and crossed spears symbolize the defense of freedom

South Sudan

A small landlocked country rich in oil and other natural resources that is about the size of Texas, South Sudan received independence July 9, 2011 after decades of civil war with its northerly neighbors.

Sout Sudan GreenPresident: Salva Kiir Mayardit

Vice President: Riek Machar

Capital: Juba (250,000)

Population: 10,625,176 (2012 est.)

National Symbol: African fish eagle

National Anthem: South Sudan Oyee! (Hooray!)

Currency: South Sudanese pound

Major Export: Oil

Literacy: Total population 27%; Male 40%; Female 16%

Religion: Muslim, Christian, traditional African religions

Language: Arabic, English, over 60 indigenous languages

Some of the 64 different tribes in South sudan:

Ageer Anuak Buldit
Dinka Gule Jumjum
Koma Luo Mabaan
Murle Shilluk Uduk

Flag Meaning:
Black represents the people of South Sudan, red the blood shed in the struggle for freedom, green the verdant land, and blue the waters of the Nile; the gold star represents the unity of the states making up South Sudan