Cloth Diaper Nightmare

I hate bodily fluids. Blood is ok but everything else, especially the kind we don’t like to talk about over dinner, the kind that comes out “the other” end, royally grosses me out. And changing diapers involves being intimately acquainted with this particular kind of bodily fluid, well more like bodily solid, unless of course… well, never mind, you get the point!

In fact during one of my first babysitting gigs the little 2 year old had such a nasty one that I actually told her not to move, left her in the room by herself and called my mother. She, of course being reasonable, told me that she wasn’t coming over to change it for me so I’d better get my act together and do it. And I did, holding my breath all the while.

This being the case, cloth diapers are the embodiment of nightmare for me.

Unfortunately or fortunately, Bear and I are fairly practical and frugal. Since paper diapers are extremely expensive over here and a friend quite sweetly gave us her gently used cloth diapers, I was forced agreed to see reason and use them.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean I like them.

Bear is pretty much immune to being grossed out in any way, so generally I shake what I can off into the toilet and leave it in the bath tub for him to deal with when he gets home. Lame, I know. And yes, he is an extremely wonderful man!

However, THIS week, this week he is gone. I can’t leave diapers in the tub for 10 whole days; one, because I would run out and two it would stink to high heaven. Being the dutiful mother that I am I took one particularly stinky diaper mounded with, *ahem*, and went to dump it in the toilet. To my absolute HORROR I heard a gushy plop. When I looked down there was a slimy, nasty pile on the bathroom floor. (I am thankful it didn’t land on MY foot or the rug.)

I must be more grown up than my high school self because I didn’t call anyone. I calmly, well mostly calmly, grabbed some tissue swiped it up and quickly flushed it down the toilet. Then I rinsed the rest off of the diaper and gently laid threw it into the bathtub.

Therefore this week I am especially thankful for our washing machine that allows me to touch the dirty, poopy, wet, smelly diapers as little as possible.

We Love Music

We love music! Both Bear and I played musical instruments growing up (Although his was short-lived!). All of us enjoy the time of praise and worship at our AIC church. Bear and I also really love country music but finding clean lyrics over the radio is hard. Therefore much of the time we listen to Bear’s collection of classical music, Klove or the children’s catechism CDs given to us for Little Bear. The CDs put Scripture to music and teach many of the basic truths we believe. Little Bear and I dance together in step with the music quite often. He claps his hands, bounces and “sings” right along with whatever is playing. He even gets emotional when sad or mellow music is playing but perks right back up when a happy song comes on.

His face really lights up when Bear sings to him just before bed. We recorded Bear singing “Jesus Loves the Little Children” for the times when he travels and can’t sing to Little Bear in person. So far he sings it in three languages; English, Hausa and Bariba. We’ll have to work on adding Kiswahili and Arabic to the repertoire! Listen to Bear singing below.

Keeping Dry at Work


Wet, rainy day. Bear is thankful for a dry hangar in which to accomplish his work.

Bear Working

Staying dry inside the hangar. (photo credit: My father)

Little Bear working Copy

Little Bear getting ready to do some welding work. I promise he is totally fine in this picture. (Photo credit: My father)


I’m thankful for Bear, my husband.

He is like a Bear. I think the name suits him. He’s tough and stocky and can grow a beard like no one else I know. He can drive me crazy but also keeps me sane. He sings out loud in church and sings to Little Bear each night. He is courageous and calm. He is strong. He survived Bilharzia and numerous bouts of Malaria. His immune system is to be envied. He can drink tap water…in Kenya. He holds my hand when we walk and makes us pancakes every Saturday morning. He loves me but loves the Lord more. And I love him for that.

We are Thankful

I want to take this month to share our thankfulness. Sometimes it is easier to write about negative things because they elicit such an emotional response. However, we have much to be thankful for. We have much to give praise to our Father for. We want this month to reflect how grateful we are for all the things He has gifted us with; people, things, and skills that sometimes we don’t take enough time to give thanks for.

Each day I will add to our list. What are you thankful for? Leave a comment below.

We are thankful for:

  1. Our loving God and His saving grace
  2. Bear
  3. Little Bear
  4. The opportunity to live abroad and gain a wider perspective of the world. Do you know where we live? How many African countries can you identify? Take this quiz to find out.
  5. Our home church in Kenya
  6. Water
  7. Friends
  8. Transportation
  9. Electricity
  10. Ability to read
  11. Gas oven and stove
  12. A dry place to work
  13. Rosslyn Academy putting on a play so Bear and I can have a date night! Plus two dear friends watching Little Bear while we were gone.
  14. Fresh fruits and vegetables
  15. Sewing machine
  16. Internet because it connects us to you, our friends, our families and other bits of the world we used to live in but have moved away from.
  17. United States of America
  18. Indoor plumbing and toilets. Which one of these does your toilet resemble? Which one do you prefer the most? I think I’ll go with the one in Japan with surround sound music, heated seats, television, beautiful wall art and a foot massage! (Do keep in mind that these are simply snap shots of one kind of toilet for each country.)
  19. Family. It’s hard to be so far away but we are thankful for their love and support across the distance.
  20. Warm weather and sunshine. Unfortunately we haven’t seen much of this in Kenya the last couple weeks. BUT I am thankful I don’t live in one of these cities, which make the top 20 list of coldest cities in the USA. Brrrr!
  21. Our wonderful colleagues. They continue to work in an unstable and difficult place to be the love of Our Father to the people there. Go here to read more about what they do.
  22. Music
  23. Washing machine to wash the stank off those cloth diapers!
  24. Good healthcare, good hospitals and doctors, pharmacies for medicinal needs.
  25. Beautiful creation. Kenya and South Sudan have such gorgeous places. I’m thankful we get to experience them.
  26. Clean air! I’m thankful to be in Kijabe, Kenya above the smog of Nairobi, out of the traffic and exhaust, high up in the Rift Valley where the wind blows so hard it sounds like rain. It smells delicious!
  27. Good counsel from leadership, sound advice from friends and Scripture to help guide and direct us in our steps.
  28. Our house helper, Nelly.
  29. Our eyesight and the successful eye surgery we had nearly 3 years ago that allows us to see without the aid of contacts or glasses.
  30. ALL of you who faithfully support us! Thank you.