Community Health Outreach

Ready to travel

The Community Health Project brings medical relief to outlying villages where health facilities are not readily available. Missionaries run health clinics teaching about disease prevention and proper hygiene, focusing primarily on preventative care for children under 5 years old. Malnutrition, malaria, dehydration from diarrhea and pneumonia are all major causes of death in young children and are all preventable diseases.

The volunteers travel by bicycle, or by foot and sometimes by boat to remote areas bringing medical help and spiritual hope.

A rural village clinic

Work among villagers with leprosy started 2 years ago. Leprosy is curable but the disabilities can only be reversed if treatment begins in time. Those already suffering from permanent effects need to be taught how to care for themselves. Because of the stigma attached to this disease, much love and mercy are needed.

CHO workers weighing a baby

A branch focusing on Tuberculosis treatment is coming soon. Samaritan’s Purse (SP) just started a program in the area and SIM will partner with them in the work. SP will take charge of diagnosis and leave the follow-up care to SIM. This tackles a huge need in the community and especially in the refugee camps as tuberculosis is a major problem.

Other critical areas addressed by the project are:

  1. Clean water needs
  2. Sanitation education
  3. Nutritional screening
  4. Mosquito net distribution

Dirty Jobs

The Boy has a wonderful bond with his nephews. He quickly found his way into their hearts. They ask him to kick the ball, wrestle, go to the playground, play Legos, race cars and swim in the pool. They always want him to do the BIG splashes.

(His cannon balls have quite the impact!)

However with best bud privileges, come other… not so fun responsibilities.

When the little guy needs a diaper change he always wants The Boy to do it. And when he wanted to go potty like his big brother, The Boy is the one to supervise. Best bud also means cleaning up the messy faces and mud smeared boogers.

That’s just dirty.

But…it means he gets to do the really fun ones too, like read Dr. Seuss books, be the tickle monster, kiss booboos and snuggle them to sleep.

Today he sat in the big Popazon chair to settle the little guy down. Older brother decided he wanted to take a nap with Uncle too. All three boys cuddled up in the chair; the older two pretending to sleep (snores and all!) so the younger one would actually go to sleep.

“Dirty jobs” always seem to go hand in hand with the really cool ones don’t they?

Even in ministry.

Sometimes we get discouraged. Or stressed. We get sick… sometimes a lot. We have to take nasty medicine. Sometimes there are unfortunate side effects. There is paper work to do… occasionally it piles up. We get lied to and stolen from. We get disillusioned.

And sometimes our attitudes need adjustment.

Because even with all the awesome jobs of ministry we let the “dirty jobs” sneak in and steal our joy. Then we need to be reminded again of those cool things. Things like, getting hugs from students, discipling a young believer, knowing our airplane saved a life through a medical evacuation receiving sweet letters of encouragement or packages from supporters, changing lives with the Gospel and so many more.

Ever been there?

Duck not Chicken…

Duck was introduced to a new reality last week.

However he didn’t exactly come blasting into the world. He came reluctantly and with much convincing. In fact he had to be coaxed by an ambulance trip to the hospital, flashing lights and all. Even then he chose to stay put until the doctors performed an emergency cesarean section on his momma.

Thankfully both he and momma are fine.

He’s adjusting to all of his new surroundings. Flailing his arms and kicking his legs, he learns there is no longer a limit to his space. He’s been kissed by big brothers and licked by the dog.

Duck knows that when he cries, someone will take care of him. He isn’t worried about what he will eat or where he will sleep. If he is cold there will be a blanket. He will never run out of family to hold and cuddle him. (Hmmm…sounds familiar!)

Matthew 6:26 “Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?”

Seems like big brother aptly named him Duck! But now he has a new name, one that means more than a fine feathered animal, one not decided upon by big brother!

Here’s introducing our fabulously cute nephew, Michael David, meaning “who is like God?” and “beloved”, which he definitely is!

Stolen Hearts

Three precious boys who love and pray for me. And now? They love my husband too!

He unknowingly stole their hearts the minute he started showing them pictures of the airplanes he works on, while the “adults” were still talking at the dinner table. The Boy patiently answered question after question while pointing out different interesting objects in each photo.

Next thing I know the oldest whisked The Boy away to the computer room excitedly showing him a flight simulator game. As I peek around the door all four “boys” are engrossed in the excitement of flying over Lake Naivasha in Kenya, heading towards an airstrip the younger ones have never landed on before.

“Watch this!” And then I lose all track of where the conversation has gone. For it winds in and out of the intricacies of airplane and vehicle mechanics, a topic I will never be adept at and it surprises me the depth of knowledge this rather intelligent second grader already has on this subject.

All three generations!

More impressive than their knowledge of mechanics, is their discipline and love for the Lord at such an early age. Important Biblical teachings have been passed down from grandparents to parents and now to these children.

We got to spend time with all three generations and were so blessed by the heritage we saw, a heritage not unlike both mine and The Boy’s. Not only are they passing on a deep love and respect for God but also the importance of sharing the Gospel and praying for missionaries, as these precious ones do every week.

I’m thankful for the friendship of this wonderful family and how quickly they have come to love and accept my husband.

And now The Boy has a new 8 year old pen pal!