Grocery Shopping Part 1: The Dream

Some things are harder and some so much easier!

Bagels? Let me fill in the order form, email it and await my fresh, homemade bagels that come via delivery to my door within 24 hours. Delicious!

Strawberries, tortillas and English muffins come on Thursdays. Michael makes the trip every week from Kijabe (about 1.5 hours) with these tasty items. He weighs the strawberries out into bags and hands over English muffins in sets of 12. All I need to do is text him in advance with my order and they arrive right at my front door.

Eggs? Every Friday a Mama carrying stacked flats of 30 eggs each in a basket will come straight to my door, the basket strap slung around her forehead to bear the brunt of the weight. She waddles through our compound doling out eggs as the needs arise.

Mangoes, apples, oranges, bananas? Any other fruit in season? Fridays are your day for these. Another Mama comes with bags full of these scrumptious fruits ready to sell at your doorstep.

Then there are those days when I don’t feel like cooking or my plans go awry like when I failed to notice the chicken needed 1.5 hours to bake rather than the 20 minutes I allotted. Many restaurants offer free delivery via motorbike. That day we ordered Domino’s Pizza!

What a life eh?